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Hey Look, Frozen Synapse is 20% Off.

I promise the entire content of this site isn't going to turn into attempts to get you to buy stuff (though honestly, how much game journalism isn't centered on either trying to get you to either buy something or not buy something, really? ...anyhow), but there's a one-day-only sale going on right now that might interest you.

Frozen Synapse, a really unique turn-based tactical game by Mode 7 Games, is on sale for today only in recognition of the UK election.  If you enter the code "WELLHUNG" (...don't look at me, I didn't pick it) when pre-ordering, you'll receive 20% off the price, which means that you'll pay about $20USD for two copies of the game instead of $26.  If you can convince somebody to go in on it with you, $10 apiece for this game is a steal, in my opinion.

I'll probably write more about Frozen Synapse here soon, as I'm really enjoying my time in the beta and we're trying to line up the developer for an interview on Immortal Machines, but for now, if you want more information feel free to read Kieron Gillen's take on it over at RockPaperShotgun, and watch the following trailer to see if it appeals to you:

In terms of quick-playing but very detailed turn-based combat, it's not quite like anything I've played before (though certainly it has similarities to X-Com, Laser Squad Nemesis, Jagged Alliance, and many of the other games it visually resembles).  It's certainly the most fun I've had micromanaging in awhile.  If you pick it up, leave me a comment and let me know.  I can always use more people to play against.

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