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Some things you may want to know about me and my site:

  • I'm a 33 year old gamer who's been playing games of all sorts since before I could write my name.
  • I have a Computer Science degree and a Theatre degree. I frequently wish I was making money with the Theatre degree, but I'm not.
  • I don't work in games, though I've thought about it before and I'm sure I'll think about it again. I do work in software, doing quality testing.
  • I've come to realize that for a lot of gamers my age, the primary difficulty in deciding what to play is not where to invest your money, but where to invest your time. This will be a focal point for a lot of things I write and talk about.
  • I own every current gaming platform except for the PS3, so I won't be talking about PS3 exclusive games much. Most of my gaming is done on the PC, Wii and DS, though the 360 and PSP don't go totally ignored. (This statement needs revision now, doesn't it? Hrm. I'll get around to it. I have a Wii U and a 3DS. I'm not getting a PS4 / XBox One yet. The PC is still great.)
  • PC gaming is what I grew up on, so it still gets the majority of my time and attention. The freeware and indie scene has always excited me, and in recent years its potential has only grown.
  • On that note, I frequently write for and host a podcast for Immortal Machines, a community of PC gamers associated with Colony of Gamers. Some of the material here may be cross-posted with that site. If you're a social gamer I highly recommend checking both of them out.
  • As the site title may indicate, I have a pretty diverse range of video game interests, and sometimes I may not talk about video games at all. There are lots of great board games, pen and paper games, and other forms of gaming that also deserve attention.
  • As a general rule, if I come across something related to gaming that interests me, I'll post about it, even if it isn't necessarily "newsworthy". The flipside of that, though, is that I promise not to write about things that I'm not invested in or don't have something to say about. This isn't a news aggregator or a linkfarm, the internet has plenty of those.

Hopefully, as you read some of my work and become familiar with my opinions, you'll find out whether or not they mirror yours. If they do, I look forward to bringing to your attention things you might have missed from the world of gaming, or helping you decide how to invest your valuable game time. If they don't, stick around and join the conversation anyhow, maybe you'll change some minds.